Friday, July 15, 2011

being the candle moon.


hi.all. two days before i'm already updated my lovely,
means my blog.. 
because of missin' of it
today i do it again. haha. the meaning of my title?
who want to be a candle?  or just want to be a beauty moon ?
as well as we know,moon is a very nice thing  
but how about candle?
is it the nicely thing? a lot of questions. haha. 
the comparing is not afair right?
they are have their advantages is same like our life.
we are have a choice,to make sure we are be the
lighting of candle or 
already lighted  like a moon.  :)
being a candle light it's easy to erase and how the moon..
it's just stay on the sky.. 
but,being a candle will give us or teach us about the
challanging life.. *
this is sentences have a deep meaning.
keep thinking about that. 
are you agree? it's can be guidance for me.
candle is 
the single life,not like a 
moon ask to sun to gives it light.. :)
but,i'm not disputed about moon..
it's call 'kebesaran ALLAH'. just nice.  
 thanks Allah.

the breeze of wind can erase the light of candle? 
is it true?
totally,not. :)   weirdy sound. haha.*
while the candle light off,it's meaning 
it will survive to light up again.
the heated become the supporter..
that's our life..
need someone to light it again? yes. :)
and how if nobody want to helping us.. ?
just stay bravely as candle.  :)  

yes,bravely.  hopefully.  :)
who want to be the moon..  ...      :) 
 *away with smile.

think about what the massege on what i wrote. 



Ihsan Arifin said...


Hashikin Fuhairah said...

:) Allahuakhbar.

red said...

i wanna be human... Hehehehe

Hashikin Fuhairah said...

wanna be human? :D
that's your choice. :))